M4 International Elective Experience


Each year about 60 fourth-year medical students choose to spend one of their elective months on an international elective. Generally, students set up their own electives. The variety of previous experiences is a testament to the creativity and innovation of our students. For those students in need of logistical assistance, Global REACH can help identify potential opportunities.

How to apply for an M4 International Elective

All M4 students seeking an international elective must apply through the Office of Medical School Education (OMSE) and complete the M-Compass Medicine: M4 International Elective Application


M4 students who are interested in applying for Global REACH funding should also complete the scholarship application, Medicine: M4 International Elective Grant. The application period is rolling and must be completed after OMSE approval and a minimum of two months prior to planned travel.  


A link to Using M-Compass for Students can be found here (PDF).


 M-Compass will only permit students to have one (1) application in the system per application cycle. Similarly, Global REACH will only fund one (1) M4 international elective experience per student. Please take this into consideration when applying for the Global REACH M4 International Elective grant.


Dr. Joseph C. Kolars, Senior Associate Dean for Education and Global Initiatives, and Ms. Tania Piotrowski, Administrative Director of Global REACH, will review all applications. The grant amount varies depending on the elective location. Applicants participating in an elective at one of our MOU-SP institutions are eligible for $1,500 whereas applicants participating in an elective at an MOU institution are eligible for $500.

Grant Eligibility

The scholarship is available to 4th year University of Michigan medical students who are registered as full time students, whose elective has been approved by OMSE, and who have not applied for other Global REACH funding during the fiscal year at the time of the elective. Funding will be only given for rotations in the institutions listed as below:

Students are eligible for $1,500 if they complete their elective at one of the following MOU-SP institutions:

  • University of São Paulo: Medical School in São Paulo (Brazil)
  • University of São Paulo: Institute of Biomedical Sciences (Brazil)
  • University of São Paulo: Institute of Biomedical Sciences in Rondonia (Brazil)
  • University of São Paulo: Medical School in Ribeirão Preto (Brazil)
  • Peking University Health Science Center (China)
  • Peking Union Medical College Hospital (China)
  • Shanghai Jiao Tong University (China)
  • Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Linkou (Taiwan) 
  • Pontifica Universidad Catolica del Ecuador (Ecuador)
  • Millennium Medical College, St. Paul’s Hospital (Ethiopia)
  • Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (Ghana)
  • University of Cape Coast (Ghana)
  • University of Development Studies (Ghana)
  • University of Ghana School of Medicine and Dentistry (Ghana)
  • All India Institute of Medical Sciences (India)
  • Jose Domingo de Obaldia Hospital for Women and Children (Panama)
  • University of Panama (Panama)

Students are eligible for $500 if they complete their elective at one of the following MOU schools:

  • Technion Israeli Institute of Technology (Israel)

  • University of Florence (Italy)
  • Okayama University Medical School (Japan)
  • University of Tokyo (Japan)
  • Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia (Peru)
  • National Taiwan University (Taiwan)


Application Instructions:

  1. Complete the M4 International Elective Grant Application (Available in M-Compass) Examples of application answers can be viewed here (pdf)
  2. Submit a host institution acceptance (Upload this documentation into M-Compass in PDF format, no other formats will be accepted)
  3. Read and sign the Travel Reimbursement Policy
  4. Read and sign the Scholarship Verification Statement

Need help choosing an elective location?

  1. Student Surveys

    Read the 2014 student surveys here (PDF).

    Read the 2015 student surveys here (PDF).

  2. Global REACH Brochures, Curriculum Reports, and Student Reflections

  3. MOU School Contacts 

    The University of Michigan has signed agreements (called Memoranda of Understanding) with institutions around the world. On a space-available basis, Global REACH can place up to 2 students at any one of these institutions in a variety of clinical electives.

    MOU School Contact List (pdf) 
    Please contact Global REACH at (734) 615-4549 for questions or more information regarding contacts/MOU schools.

  4. American Medical Student Association

  5. If you still can't find anything... search for contacts with the help of Global REACH!

    1. Draft a short proposal of what you would like to do, and where you would like to do it.
      • Include a justification of why you want to go - what do you hope to get out of the experience?
      • Include a preferred timeline, understanding that some flexibility may be required.
    2. Forward that proposal to Global REACH (globalreach@umich.edu)
    3. We will contact UMMS faculty members on your behalf to determine whether any of them have contacts that might be able to assist you. In return, we ask that you:
    4. Follow-up with any faculty member who provides you a contact, even if only to say, "Thank you, I am pursuing other options at the moment, but I appreciate your help."
    5. Treat each of these international contacts with the utmost respect and professionalism. You are representing the University of Michigan Medical School, and your actions may directly affect opportunities for future students to rotate internationally.
    6. If you are doing this as a Science in Clinics Rotation you will need to submit a copy of your final paper to our offices via e-mail to Global REACH Administrative Director, Ms. Tania Piotrowski, and Student Coordinator, Ms. Carrie Ashton