Collaboration Platforms

Many faculty members at the University of Michigan Medical School (UMMS) have longstanding relationships with colleagues at other medical schools across the globe. These working partnerships break ground for other faculty who are expanding their work into the global health arena, and for medical students looking to gain educational, clinical, and research experiences abroad.

Such partnering and institutional investment builds strong structured educational experiences for medical students that go beyond typical student exchanges. Likewise, these partnerships provide research opportunities that serve both partnering institutions equally and yield results greater than what could be achieved separately.

Over time, these partnerships grow into a wonderful collaborative network of individuals and groups working on sustainable global health projects that support the UMMS global engagement initiatives (PDF). Global REACH facilitates such synergistic partnerships through "platforms for collaboration."

Ideal Collaboration Platforms foster multidimensional translational science—crossing traditional departmental and disciplinary lines to enable innovative research and educational opportunities. Collaboration Platforms maximize faculty engagement through a translational team approach of jointly defined objectives, program design and implementation, and defined pathways for students and visiting scholars to engage.