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UMMS Class of 2018

Why UMMS? I chose UMMS for the community, great faculty, and diverse backgrounds among students.

Farhan Huq
UMMS Class of 2014

Why UMMS? UMMS has everything I need to become not just a good physician, but an outstanding one. From the awesome people to the amazing resources and collaborative environment, UMMS has it all.

UMMS Class of 2021

Why UMMS and the MD/PhD program?  Finding the appropriate environment for interdisciplinary work is challenging, but Michigan offers exactly what I would want for combining an MD with a PhD in economics.  It is a university with low walls.

UMMS Class of 2016

Why UMMS? I chose to come to UMMS because I knew that I would thrive in the unique culture that we have here. The students and faculty are all extremely accomplished, but also humble and eager to work with and learn from others.

UMMS Class of 2015

Why UMMS? So many factors went into the decision!  Overall, I was drawn to the sense of community that I saw here on my visits.

UMMS Class of 2013

Why UMMS? I fell in love with Michigan on my interview day. The students I met were so down to earth and excited about their school; the Michigan spirit was contagious, and I knew I wanted to be a part of this community.

UMMS Class of 2013

Why UMMS? During the interview and recruitment at Michigan, I found it to be the most well rounded environment out of all of my options and looking back after four years, I believe I made the right choice.

Nick Rademacher
Class of 2013

Why UMMS? I chose The University of Michigan Medical School initially because I thought this was the school that would provide the best education and support my extracurricular interest--allowing me the best chance to become the physician I hoped to be prior to enrolling in medic

Emma Lawrence
UMMS Class of 2015

Life in the A Ward: the room is bursting at the seams with laboring patients; hospital beds are always full and the doctors weave among the extra mattresses squeezed into every spare space, attempting to hang IVs from window sills 

I May Profile
UMMS Class of 2012

Why UMMS? It was the medical school that made me smile at the end of the day when I was sitting down and making a decision.