Featured Profiles

We invite readers to take a moment to get to know a little about UMMS community members through these brief profiles.

UMMS Class of 2023 (MD/PhD)

Why UMMS? What struck me first about UMMS was the community. It sounds completely cliche, but it's true.

UMMS Class of 2021 (MD/PhD)

Why UMMS? I knew that UMMS would be the perfect fit for me on my interview day. As an MD/PhD student planning to do my PhD in the basic sciences, I knew that it would be a challenge to find a program that would also allow me to pursue my passion for public and global health.

UMMS Class of 2017

Why UMMS? The decision to attend Michigan for medical school was an easy one for me to make because of the world-renowned faculty members, diverse student body, and strong focus on interdisciplinary research.  For me, the