Global REACH Mission and Metrics


Our mission is to facilitate health research, education, and collaboration among University of Michigan Medical School (UMMS) faculty and students, and our global partners for the benefit of communities worldwide. The mission of Global REACH is focused on four key goals:

  1. To enable students, trainees, and faculty to develop high impact careers in global health
  2. To create partnerships that allow our medical school community to collaborate synergistically to improve global health
  3. To advance education & research in global health, particularly on the ‘science of collaboration’, while cultivating a community of educators and scholars
  4. To demonstrate the value of global health initiatives to the medical school and university 


  1. Mutually beneficial, transparent, egalitarian relationships
  2. Health equity and a commitment to addressing health disparities
  3. Capacity building through education, training, and research
  4. Sustainability, integrity, and interdisciplinary approaches


  1. Establish platforms, such as multi-departmental, multi-disciplinary collaborative efforts, that foster synergistic innovation and cutting edge research to address global health challenges
  2. Convene and connect members of our school and institution to advance programs and careers in global health; leveraging current strengths to the benefit of others in our community
  3. Build mentoring programs for students, trainees, and faculty
  4. Create and strengthen meaningful experiences for students, trainees, and their mentors
  5. Pilot funding for new initiatives that advance the mission with a focus on our values; provide consultation on approaches to external funding
  6. Provide technical assistance for training and educational programs offered through the Medical School (e.g. Global Health and Disparities path)


Global REACH evaluates its body of work using a set of metrics that measures our success in fulfilling our mission and bringing value to the Medical School and its constituents. These metrics include, but are not limited to:

  • Participation of UMMS students in international experiences.  Global REACH supports a number of initiatives that provide meaningful international experiences for UMMS students. Since 2011, nearly 200 4th year students have received support for international clinical electives carried out in more than 40 countries. More than 100 students have participated in the Global REACH faculty-led small group international research program, which was inaugurated in 2012.  In addition, nearly 20 UMMS students have received support over the past five years to create their own international research experiences through the Global Health & Disparities scholarship program and the non-traditional international experience funding stream.
  • Assistance with extramural grant submissions. Since 2010, Global REACH has been involved in securing approximately $50M in extramural funding for global health-related research and educational initiatives. Recently-awarded grants include the Northern/Pacific Global Health Research Fellows Training Consortium, the Ghana-Michigan Postdoctoral and Research Trainee NEtwoRk (PARTNER I and II), the Human Heredity and Health in African Consortium (H3Africa), Ethiopia’s first formal family planning medical education training program in association with St. Paul Hospital Millennium Medical College (SPHMMC) in Addis Adaba, the new UMMS Center for International Reproductive Health Training, and a USAID grant that will help add to that collaborative body of work, funding the examination of social, cultural and behavioral factors influencing maternal and neonatal mortality in three regions of northern Ghana.
  • Administrative coordination of UMMS global health activities. Global REACH helps initiate, track, and maintain the Memoranda of Understanding (MOU) between UMMS and its international partners. Currently, we hold 29 institutional MOUs in 14 countries. View the current MOUs here.
  • Facilitation of the development and growth of international platforms of engagement. Current platforms include a $14M Joint Institute with Peking University, as well as expanding multi-disciplinary efforts in Ghana, Brazil, Ethiopia, India, and Israel.
  • Support of UMMS visiting learners, scholars, and dignitaries. As our global activities increase, so does the number of international visitors to our Medical School. In the four-year period from FY2011-2012 through FY 2014-15, 124 visiting fellows and scholars spent a total of 484 months (average of 4 months per visitor) engaged in scholarly activities with UMMS faculty and researchers.  During that same time period, 196 international students and trainees spent an average of 1.5 months (total of 291 months of training) in UMMS classrooms, laboratories, and clinical and surgical theaters. In addition, more than 300 dignitaries and invited guests came to Ann Arbor to meet with UMMS leaders. Global REACH served as the coordinating unit for these visits.

Global REACH Activities Reports

  • FY2015-2016: view here or download here (PDF).
  • FY2014-2015: view here or download here (PDF).
  • FY2013-2014: view here or download here (PDF).
  • FY2012-2013: view here or download here (PDF).
  • FY2011-2012: view here or download here (PDF).