Students return from Winter School program in Brazil

A pair of fourth-year medical students spent much of July in Brazil learning alongside students from all over the world.

Grant will advance adrenal cancer research with colleagues in Brazil

The road to understanding the physiology of adrenal cancer has been a long one, stretching many years and some 5,100 miles. That’s the distance between Michigan Medicine and the Faculdade de Medicina da Universidade de Sao Paulo (FMUSP), Brazil’s top medical school, where researchers have been partnering with UMMS colleagues for years to study the rare disease.


Language differs but science is the same: Project finds student working in Brazil

She didn’t go looking for a global health experience as part of her medical training. But three trips to Brazil later, MD-PhD student Dipika Mohan got a lot more than she bargained for.


Global REACH Brazil Platform manager launches teaching career in Brazil

Boa sorte, Elisa!


Nursing, Psychiatry professor garners Fulbright award

A U-M Nursing Professor who teaches healthcare workers to identify and  address substance use among patients has been named a Fulbright Scholar.


CRISPR crash course: Brazilian scientists learn gene editing at UMMS

Scholars from two Brazilian universities are spending time at Michigan Medicine to gain expertise on the latest gene-modification techniques.


Mental health, drug treatment expert to present at upcoming event

Attend the September Global Health Initiatives Forum to hear a colleague speak about his work that connects different disciplines across different countries and cultures.

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