India Platform Associates

Global REACH Faculty Associates who identify India as a country of clinical/educational/research interest:

Urvashi Bhan, MD
Home unit: Internal Medicine
Global health focal area/s: My research focus is sepsis, pneumonia and acute lung injury. My vision is to be more global in my research endeavors with trying to increase collaboration with other countries. I am also interested in providing training for potential partnership in terms of education.
Country/ies of interest: India

Stephanie Bielas, PhD
Home unit: Human Genetics
Global health focal area/s: My international collaborations are based on pediatric medical genetics projects.  The goals of these projects are genetic diagnosis of neurodevelopmental disorders and functional allele testing.  We are having success bridging gaps in availability of next generation sequencing technology in Medical Genetics settings in India.
Country/ies of interest: India, United Kingdom

Dean Brenner, MD
Home unit: Internal Medicine
Global health focal area/s: My research group is interested in development and dissemination of new strategies to assess cancer risk, detect cancer at its early stages, develop and validate interventions to delay or reverse carcinogenesis progression. Using a global platform, we are able to understand differences in genetic and environmental risk in diverse populations and ultimately customize risk assessment tools, cancer detection biomarkers, and cancer risk reductive interventions.
Country/ies of interest: India, Israel, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia

Sally A Camper, PhD
Home unit: Human Genetics
Global health focal area/s: Collaborating with experts at other institutions to study rare diseases, particularly disorders of craniofacial development that affect pituitary function and/or hearing.
Country/ies of interest: Brazil, United Kingdom, France, India, Japan


Vineet Chopra, MBBS, MD, MSc
Home unit: Internal Medicine
Global health focal area/s: My primary aims center on developing mutually beneficial research and educational collaborations between India and the United States.
Country/ies of interest: India

Kevin C Chung, MD, MS
Home unit: Surgery
Global health focal area/s: Outcome research, assessment of health care quality, clinical trials, economic analysis in healthcare, and epidemiology and statistical issues in surgery
Country/ies of interest: China, India, and other countries within Asia

Rajan Dewar, PhD, MBBS
Home unit: Pathology
Global health focal area/s: We have been involved in global health delivery of cervical cancer screening in South India - particularly rural villages. This is a direct to population activity, and have developed our own screening program and laboratories with the help of local NGOs. Use of technology and development of technology based implementation strategies are our primary interests.
Country/ies of interest: India

Courtney A Dewey, OD
Home unit: Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences
Global health focal area/s: Medical missions aimed at providing basic eye care and refractive correction to underserved areas of developing countries
Country/ies of interest: Brazil, India, Peru, Romania, Vietnam, and Honduras

Raymond Douglas, MD, PhD
Home unit: Ophthalmology & Visual Sciences
Global health focal area/s: Our group is interested in collaborative clinical and research projects in the field of thyroid eye disease.
Country/ies of interest: Abu Dhabi, Brazil, China, Denmark, England, Ghana, Italy, Japan, New Delhi, and Taiwan

Joshua Ehrlich, MD, MPH
Home unit: Ophthalmology & Visual Sciences
Global health focal area/s: I have an interest in international research collaborations with the objective of understanding the epidemiology of eye disease, addressing the burden of visual impairment and improving the delivery of eye care. I have also been involved in initiatives to grow ophthalmology residency education in developing countries.
Country/ies of interest: Ethiopia, India, Ecuador, Rwanda, Indonesia

Peter Frederick Ehrlich, MD, MSc
Home unit: Surgery
Global health focal area/s: My primary interest in global health dovetails with my general research interest, childhood cancer - primarily renal tumors in children and quality and outcomes. The second interest pediatric trauma system development and improving care for injured children.
Country/ies of interest: India, Peru


Avraham Eisbruch, MD
Home unit: Radiation Oncology
Global health focal area/s: At UM I have developed methods for reducing toxicities and improving quality of life of patients with head and neck cancer undergoing radiotherapy, using advanced technology. In india head and neck cancer is one of the two most common cancers. The most common hospitals in india (government hospitals) lack this advanced technology, however, the clinical principles on which my work was based on can be used to achieve similar goals, using the basic radiotherapy modalities used in these hospitals.
Country/ies of interest: India

Sheeja Francis, MD
Home unit: Internal Medicine
Global health focal area/s:  Integrative rheumatology, with focus on improving accessibility to rheumatologic care in Kerala, India
Country/ies of interest: India

Home unit: Psychiatry
Global health focal area/s: Autism/Asperger syndrome, behavioral phenotypes, and mental retardation
Country/ies of interest: India, Saudi Arabia

Debbie S. Gipson, MS, MD
Home unit: Pediatrics & Communicable Diseases
Global health focal area/s: In collaboration with All India Institute, New Delhi and Bristol, UK, a multinational network is being developed to support a translational research program, nephrotic syndrome research registry and training opportunities. Additional volunteer activities include provision of medical care and teaching with the Maua Methodist Hospital, Kenya.
Country/ies of interest: India, United Kingdom, Kenya

Larry D Gruppen, PhD
Home unit: Learning Health Sciences
Global health focal area/s: Promoting collaborations among medical educators around the world to develop innovative and effective interventions to address core health care education challenges; fostering research and scholarships, both through partnerships and faculty development.
Country/ies of interest: China, India

Gary Hammer, MD, PhD
Home unit: Internal Medicine
Global health focal area/s: Adrenal and other endocrinological cancers
Country/ies of interest: Brazil, India

Amy Huang, MD, MHSA
Home unit: Medical School Administration
Global health focal area/s: Science of international collaboration and medical education
Country/ies of interest: China, India, Japan, Taiwan, other countries within Southeast Asia

Elizabeth Anne Jackson, MD, MPH
Home unit: Internal Medicine
Global health focal area/s: women's cardiovascular health across the lifespan and in particular the development of vascular risk factors and disease in relation to the menopausal transition. Health behaviors in women and the impact on family members are critical areas for research related to both primary and secondary prevention.
Country/ies of interest: China, India, Vietnam

Shruti Jolly, MD
Home unit: Radiation Oncology
Global health focal area/s: My research interests are mainly to use integrative techniques (physical activity, nutritional interventions) to reduce morbidity of cancer treatment and enhance cancer survivorship. Furthermore, I am interested in comparing different radiation treatment modalities in the treatment of cancer to evaluate local control and toxicity outcomes.
Country/ies of interest: India

Joseph Kolars, MD
Home unit: Internal Medicine
Global health focal area/s: Assessment of teaching quality; efficacy of medical learning venues; educational outcomes; measurement of learner competency; educating trainees to improve patient care.
Country/ies of interest: Brazil, China, Ethiopia, Ghana, India, Nepal, Peru, Tanzania, Uganda, Vietnam, Zimbabwe


Matthias Kretzler, MD
Home unit: Internal Medicine
Global health focal area/s:  Research networks for translational nephrology on five continents focusing on integration of comprehensive clinical data sets with large-scale genetic and genomic information.
Country/ies of interest: Brazil, China, Germany, India, and EU networks

Chandramouli Krishnan, PT, MA, PhD
Home unit: Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
Global health focal area/s:  The goal of my lab (Neuromuscular and Rehabilitation Robotics Laboratory - NeuRRo Lab) is to develop effective and efficient rehabilitation methods for individuals with neurological and orthopedic disorders. We seek to achieve this goal by a combination of mechanistic and interventional research approaches that facilitate our current understanding of neuromuscular function and regulation in the context of movement control and neuromuscular plasticity.  I am interested in collaborative research as well as training/mentoring international scholars and visiting scientists.
Country/ies of interest: India, Brazil, Australia, Israel, New Zealand, South Asian Countries.

Chandan Kumar, PhD
Home unit: Pathology
Global health focal area/s: I'd like to pursue research, training and educational collaborations in translational cancer genomics studies and allied areas in India and other countries in the subcontinent.
Country/ies of interest: India, Nepal, Myanmar

Paul Lee, MD, JD
Home unit: Ophthalmology & Visual Sciences
Global health focal area/s: Glaucoma, catatract, and anterior segment disease
Country/ies of interest: China, India

Ronald Frank Maio, DO
Home unit: Emergency Medicine
Global health focal area/s: Emergency care in under-resourced settings; treatment and prevention of traumatic injuries.
Country/ies of interest: Ghana, India

Varsha Bhatt-Mehta, PharmD, MS (CRDSA), FCCP
Home unit: Pharmacy; Pediatrics & Communicable Diseases
Global health focal area/s: My primary interests focus on causes of and interventions for reducing neonatal and infant mortality especially in premature neonates in the underserved population globally; improving rates of infant immunizations; and disease prevention strategies that will improve neonatal, infant and child health in collaboration with other health care providers.
Country/ies of interest: India, China, Nepal, South Africa

Rajen Mody, MD, MS
Home unit: Pediatrics
Global health focal area/s: To improve outcomes of Pediatric Cancers in resource poor countries by: 1) Empowering Local Champions design and adopt clinical treatment protocols, which are feasible in their settings and in their patient population; and 2) Improving infrastructure for clinical research including creating database, improving nursing, pharmacy and other supportive care services.
Country/ies of interest: India, South Africa, Nepal

Marcos Montagnini, MD, FACP
Home unit: Internal Medicine
Global health focal area/s: My interests include Geriatrics and Palliative Medicine. I am interested in developing partnerships that will focus on medical and interprofessional education in Geriatrics and Palliative Medicine, development of efficient models of care, clinical research and mentorship to junior investigators. 
Country/ies of interest: Brazil, Chile, China, India, Peru, Australia, United Kingdom, Canada, Portugal

Patricia Mullan, PhD
Home unit: Learning Health Sciences
Global health focal area/s: Enhancing the competency assessment systems for professional health education programs in developing countries; mentoring student projects related to health education in developing countries.
Country/ies of interest: China, Ghana, India, Republic of Ireland, South Korea

David C. Musch, PhD, MPH
Home unit: Ophthalmology & Visual Sciences
Global health focal area/s: I am providing advice on the establishment of a center for clinical and epidemiologic research on eye disease in Wenzhou, China (at the Wenzhou Medical University), and I am considering similar opportunities in India. In addition, I participate on the faculty of a course on clinical trial principles and methods, which most recently has been held annually in Shanghai, and in the past has included locations in Slovenia, Mexico, and the United States. 
Country/ies of interest: China and India

Paula Anne Newman-Casey, MD
Home unit: Ophthalmology & Visual Sciences
Global health focal area/s: Decreasing rates of blindness through creating systems-based approaches to improving access to care; creating effective educational curricula for para-medical personnell; and studying patient decision making and health behavior change.

Country/ies of interest: Ecuador, India, Nepal, Vanuatu

Vasantha Padmanabhan, PhD, MS
Home unit: Pediatrics
Global health focal area/s: Translational research centered on understanding the developmental origin of pubertal and adult reproductive and metabolic disorders. Specifically, our studies focus on the impact of maternal exposure to native steroids (testosterone, estradiol) and environmental endocrine disrupting pollutants such as bisphenol-A and phthalates in altering developmental trajectory of fetus and programming adult diseases. Utilizing integrative approaches ranging from cell and molecular biology as well as in vitro systems to whole animal physiology and human translation we seek to understand the mechanisms by which native and environmental steroids program reproductive neuroendocrine, ovarian and metabolic defects such as that seen in hyperandrogenic disorders like Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) and identify prevention and treatment strategies.
Country/ies of interest: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, China, India

Amit Pandya, MD, RDMS, RVT, RDCS
Home unit: Radiology
Global health focal area/s: Ultrasound has revolutionized the medicine for intra-abdominal processes. It involves no radiation and it is possible to take machine portably anywhere, provided there is electricity. It is also now available in laptop computer form, so can be run on battery.
Country/ies of interest: India, Uganda, Brazil

Pauline K Park, MD
Home unit: Surgery
Global health focal area/s: Working with new AIIMS-UM collaborative on Trauma and ICU care delivery.
Country/ies of interest: India

Marc Peters-Golden, MD
Home unit: Internal Medicine
Global health focal area/s: My laboratory is focused on basic and translational research interests in inflammation, innate immunity, and fibrosis, particularly in the lung. I have a track record in, and am interested in continuing, collaborative research as well as mentoring international trainees and visiting scientists.
Country/ies of interest: Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, India, Japan, Korea, and Russia

Raphael Pristoop, MD
Home unit: General Medicine
Global health focal area/s: Clinical care for resource-poor hospitals; supervision and training medical students/residents in patient care; and education of health workers. Most of this work has been done at Kisoro Hospital, Uganda. It's affiliates are Doctor's for Global Health, Montefiore Medical Center, and Einstein College of Medicine.
Country/ies of interest: India, Israel, and Uganda

Malini Raghavan, PhD
Home unit: Microbiology & Immunology
Global health focal area/s: Our research relates to understanding how polymorphisms in immune response (major histocompatibility complex class I) genes influence immunity to infections and vaccine outcomes, particular as relating to HIV infections. I am interested in contributing to vaccine distribution efforts and to expansion of bone marrow registries in India.
Country/ies of interest: India

Krishnan Raghavendran, MD
Home unit: Surgery
Global health focal area/s: Organization and delivery of trauma services and critical care to the developing world.
Country/ies of interest: India, Southeast Asia

Venkatakrishna Rajajee, MBBS
Home unit: Neurosurgery & Neurology
Global health focal area/s: My primary interest is the care of patients with Traumatic Brain Injury in the developing world, where there are are very specific challenges and issues. I am also interested in the care of all forms of acute brain injury (stroke, seizures, hemorrhage) particularly in the developing world.
Country/ies of interest: India, Ghana, China

Nithya Ramnath, MBBS
Home unit: Heme/Oncology
Global health focal area/s: I have begun collaborating with Kidwai Hospital in India on Lung Cancer outcomes and more recently guiding Aditi Ramakrishnan on her project involving attitudes to breast cancer screening in Southern India
Country/ies of interest: India

Gurpreet Kaur Rana, MLIS
Home unit: Taubman Health Sciences Library
Global health focal area/s: Providing leadership in identifying global information resources, cultivating partnerships with health sciences community, exploring the role of global health informatics in instruction, incorporating librarians into global health initiatives, identifying and investigating grant and funding opportunities, taking part in research efforts in global health, and collaborating with faculty to lessen health disparities around the world using the power of information resources.
Country/ies of interest: Ghana, India, and other developing countries

Sivaraj Sivaramakrishnan, PhD
Home unit: Cell and Developmental Biology
Global health focal area/s: My laboratory is interested in the development of new technologies for drug development and discovery. I am interested in developing collaborative partnerships with developing countries with an emphasis on strengthening basic science research.
Country/ies of interest: India, Kenya, Israel


H Kaz Soong, MD, MS
Home unit: Ophthalmology & Visual Sciences
Global health focal area/s: International ophthalmology
Country/ies of interest: Brazil, Bulgaria, China, Haiti, India, Japan, Taiwan

Joshua D. Stein, MD, MS
Home unit: Ophthalmology & Visual Sciences
Global health focal area/s: Utilization of eye care services and outcomes of eye care in developing nations and how they compare with the US; alternative health care delivery models for eyecare in other countries
Country/ies of interest: India

Trilokraj Tejasvi, MD, MBBS
Home unit: Dermatology
Global health focal area/s:  My primary area of focus is to provide health services and medical education in needy and impoverished areas through teledermatology. To develop awareness and provide medical education to our residents and medical school graduates about tropical dermatology through externships. And finally, learn about the genetic basis of common dermatological diseases occurring in different ethnicities.
Country/ies of interest: Brazil, Ghana, Guatemala, and India

Jonathan D. Trobe, MD
Home unit: Ophthalmology & Visual Sciences
Global health focal area/s: Problem-based learning courses in neuro-ophthalmology
Country/ies of interest: Brazil, China, India, Taiwan

Kalpesh Unadkat, MS, MBA, CISSP
Home unit: Medical Center Information Technology
Global health focal area/s: My focus is to help enable use of Information Technology to facilitate collection, consolidation, and analysis of health information in a way that can create efficiencies in the area of research management, and avail clinicians of the ability to organize, extract and use the data for trending, reporting, and decision making.
Country/ies of interest: India, Ghana, Ethiopia

Mark A. Veich
Home unit:  UMHS Office of Development
Global health focal area/s: Securing external funding to support our education and research programs overseas
Country/ies of interest: China, India, Singapore, South Korea


Brent Ward, MD, DDS
Home unit: Surgery
Global health focal area/s: My primary focus is in the building of collaborative research in the areas of Head and Neck Cancer with a specific focus on the oral cavity and microvascular reconstruction. I bring to the table a wide array of expertise from bench top discovery in drug delivery to database development and clinical trial design.
Country/ies of interest: India, China, Argentina

Maria A. Woodward, MD, MS
Home unit: Ophthalmology & Visual Sciences
Global health focal area/s: Telemedicine for eye diseases
Country/ies of interest: India, Jamaica, and Vanuatu