Faculty Affiliates

The Global REACH Faculty Affiliate (GRA) program was created to help coalesce global health advocates who are interested in participating in our global health community to deepen and strengthen ties within and outside of the University of Michigan. Typically, Affiliates have been nominated or endorsed by a current Global REACH Faculty Associate. 

Having a self-identified body of collaborators is one way that Global REACH hopes to build our global health community, while making it easier to find one another. We hope to bring like-minded researchers, educators, and clinicians together to maximize the impact of our global activities, and the first step is identifying those individuals willing to step up and actively engage in global health activities that transcend individual interests. 

You may find information about becoming an affilate here. (PDF)


Patricia Abbott, PhD, RN
Home Unit: UM School of Nursing
Global health focus area/s: The use of information and communication technology (ICT) in medically underserved areas to improve health of people and communities.  This includes using ICT for education/workforce scale-up, innovative use of mHealth approaches to engage patients/families in health improvement actions, and organization advocacy for eHealth efforts.
Country/ies of interest: Ethiopia, Haiti, Brazil, Ghana

Ravi Anupindi, ME, MS, PhD
Home Unit: Ross School of Business
Global health focus area/s: Global health focal area/s: Global health supply chains (product and service delivery systems), healthcare value chains and business models for healthcare delivery in low- and middle-income countries
Country/ies of interest: India

Debra Barton, RN, PhD, AOCN, FAAN
Home Unit: School of Nursing
Global health focus area/s: I am interested in promoting self-management and health in chronic illness, specifically cancer. I am involved in a School of Nursing grant to help prepare post doctoral fellows from Thailand who have oncology as an area of interest. I am particularly interested in Brazil, however, as I lived in Recife for 3 years and it is there that I discovered my passion for nursing.
Country/ies of interest: Brazil

Sue Anne Bell, PhD, FNP-BC
Home Unit: School of Nursing
Global health focus area/s: My primary research focus surrounds inter- and intrapersonal responses to disasters in a global health setting, with a particular focus on vulnerable populations, in order to inform disaster preparedness and response interventions. I also work on health systems strengthening activities, including building nursing capacity in Ethiopia and Ghana.
Country/ies of interest: Ethiopia, Ghana, Australia

Sarah Burgard, PhD
Home Unit: Sociology, College of Literature, Science, & the Arts
Global health focus area/s: I am interested in social determinants of health and health disparities, primarily socioeconomic status, gender, and ethnicity. I do comparative research on the U.S., Brazil, and other countries.
Country/ies of interest: Brazil, South Africa, China

Paul Clyde, PhD
Home Unit: Ross School of Business and William Davidson Institute
Global health focus area/s: I have primarily been working with health care delivery institutions in low resource settings with a focus on financially self sustaining business models.  More recently I have started getting involved in some supply chain and market dynamics work for pharmaceutical products.
Country/ies of interest: India, Ethiopia, Uganda, Ukraine, Rwanda, DRC

Carlos Gonzalez-Cabezas, DDS, MSD, PhD
Home Unit: School of Dentistry
Global health focus area/s: Establishment of sustainable preventive programs for oral diseases in partnership with local communities. Provide opportunitites for dental students to participate in responsible global health activities.
Country/ies of interest: Brazil, Ghana, Guatemala, Jamaica, Kenya

Philippa Clarke, PhD
Home Unit: Institute for Social Research
Global health focus area/s: I investigate neighborhood characteristics associated with social disparities in health. Specifically, I am interested in the role of neighborhood built environments in facilitating physical activity and other health behaviors, particularly among those at greatest risk for poor health (e.g. those with lower socioeconomic resources, or less physical capacity).
Country/ies of interest: Brazil

Aubree Gordon, PhD
Home Unit: School of Public Health
Global health focus area/s: My current work focuses on the epidemiologic features and transmission of influenza and dengue in Nicaragua.
Country/ies of interest: Nicaragua

Naresh T Thomas Gunaratnam, MD
Home unit: Huron Gastroenterology, St. Joseph Mercy Hospital Ann Arbor
Global health focal area/s: For the past 12 years I have helped run an orphanage for 35 girls and an elder cancer center for 25 elders in Sri Lanka (www.srilankaorphanage.org).  I have mentored medical & business students from the University of Michigan on projects aimed at increasing access and improving health care outcomes for the local population.  Please see the videos below to learn more about our programs.
Country/ies of interest: Sri Lanka

Siobán D. Harlow, PhD
Home Unit: School of Public Health
Global health focus area/s: Reproductive health, occupational and environmental impacts on reproduction international labor standards, human rights
Country/ies of interest: Mexico, Ecuador

Andrew Jones, PhD
Home Unit: School of Public Health
Global health focus area/s: My primary focal areas within global health include the impacts of food systems on household food insecurity and maternal and child nutrition in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs). As part of this larger interest, I'm especially interested in the double burden of undernutrition and obesity in LMICs, especially as they manifest within individual women of reproductive age and preschool-aged children.
Country/ies of interest: India, Bolivia, Peru, Zimbabwe, Burkina Faso, South Africa, Malawi

Home Unit: School of Nursing
Global health focus area/s: To advance the science of sustainable, evidence-based care for maternal and newborn health in low-resource coutnries, with a focus in sub-Saharan Africa.
Country/ies of interest: Ghana, Liberia, Zambia, Ethiopia

Michelle Munro, PhD, CNM, FNP-BC
Home Unit: School of Nursing
Global health focus area/s: My program of research focuses on improving the health outcomes of women and children by increasing reproductive health choices and impacting reproductive health policy changes for vulnerable women of childbearing age in global settings. Specifically, I am interested in utilizing mHealth platforms to engage adolescents in learning about and controlling their reproductive health.
Country/ies of interest: Ghana, Ethiopia, Liberia

Leslie Nestro, DNP, MSN/FNP-C, RN
Home Unit: School of Nursing
Global health focus area/s: Underserved areas with the specific focus in Maternal and Child Health, world Immunization policies and access, and global interprofessional collaboration.
Country/ies of interest: Ethiopia, Mexico, Haiti, Brazil, Dominican Republic

Rogerio M Pinto, PhD
Home Unit: School of Social Work
Global health focus area/s: The roles that transdisciplinary collaboration may play when different types of practitioners (e.g. social workers, physicians, and nurses) work together to deliver evidence-based services (e.g., HIV prevention) to low-income, often marginalized populations; and how health research is translated into community practice and service delivery, particularly in the United States, Brazil and Spain.
Country/ies of interest: Brazil, Spain


Cristiane Squarize, DDS, MS, PhD
Home Unit: School of Dentistry
Global health focus area/s: My laboratory focus is to improve the treatment of patients with delayed healing and also with head and neck cancer. My primary research interest involves epithelial cells function in health and disease. Specifically, we study the mucosa and skin healing, in addition to cancer progression and novel treatments for head and neck cancer. Global outreach programs: Provide opportunities for postdocs, graduate students and dental students to participate in laboratory research and also clinical global health activities.
Country/ies of interest: Brazil, China, Japan, Israel, Latin American countries

Nils G Walter, PhD
Home Unit: Chemistry
Global health focus area/s: The study of RNA biology in life and disease using state-of-the-art single molecule fluorescence microscopes.
Country/ies of interest: Brazil, India, Mexico