Funding International Experiences

UMMS students seeking funding for their international experiences have several options available to them, both from internal University resources and external resources. Funding for specific UMMS initiatives is available through Global REACH, the Office of Medical Student Education (OMSE), and the Summer Biomedical Research Program (SBRP). There are also several units on campus that have funding mechanisms that may be appropriate, or students might choose to look at external funding sources. A list of some of the recent announcements (for faculty and students) is listed on the Global REACH website under current global health funding announcements

Acknowledgement of Funding Support

When Global REACH funds have supported any cost of your clinical, education, or research experience, acknowledgement of that support is appropriate and expected. Please indicate this support somewhere on your presentation, regardless of whether it is an article, poster, or other type of presentation. 

Recommended wording: All or part of this project has been supported by funds from Global REACH at the University of Michigan Medical School (UMMS). Global REACH facilitates the international research, educational, and clinical initiatives of UMMS faculty and students.

UMMS Funding Mechanisms

Global REACH Faculty-Led Summer Experiences
Global REACH and the University of Michigan Medical School offer students the opportunity to participate in faculty-mentored small group projects. Students join existing faculty projects, work with their mentors’ established collaborators, and help to build the overall body of work. Students who are selected for these projects will engage in team-based scholarship and will receive a stipend to support travel and living expenses.

GHD Scholarship Program
Senior medical students enrolled in the Global Health & Disparities Path of Excellence who identify opportunities for 1-2 month experiences in low resource settings – both international and domestic – are eligible to apply for support for experiences that focus on such areas as research, development / implementation of innovative health-related interventions, program evaluation, needs assessment, or education program development. Up to a maximum of $4,000 for international and $2000 for domestic experiences to cover travel, lodging, and food expenses directly related to an off-site scholarship experience.  Maximum allowable amounts will vary depending on usual travel (i.e., distance), and local food and lodging expenses. Students must submit a budget with their application.  Find the full program information here (PDF).  For more information please contact GHD (Brent Williams ( or Global REACH ( 

Student Biomedical Research Program (SBRP)
The Student Biomedical Research Program through the Office of Medical Student Education supports students to conduct research with any UM faculty member, regardless of the location of the research (US or international). This program is primarily applicable to first-year students. Applications – including a detailed research proposal – are generally due in early February. Thus identifying a faculty mentor and a project topic should be done early in the M1 year. Faculty information is currently available in the medical student lounge. When contacting faculty, be sure to include such basic information as language fluency, clinical or basic research interests, previous research/international experience, and contact information.

M4 International Elective Grant

UMMS students participating in an approved international clinical elective during their fourth year of study are eligible to apply for grant funding from Global REACH ($500 - $1500). The scholarship is available to 4th year University of Michigan medical students who are registered as full-time students, whose elective has been approved by OMSE, and who have not applied for other Global REACH funding during the fiscal year of the elective. Applicants participating in an elective at one of our MOU-SP institutions are eligible for $1500; applicants participating at an MOU institution are eligible for $500.  Students will be reimbursed for elective expenses up to the grant amount.

There is one grant application for all electives that occur within the same fiscal year.  The application period is rolling and must be completed a minimum of two months before planned departure.

Conference Support (Global REACH)
Global REACH offers limited funding for students who worked on a Global REACH-funded project and will present the results at national or international conferences.  For all conference funding requests, the deadline for seeking funding from Global REACH is two months in advance of the conference, or two weeks following the announcement of accepted abstracts. No exceptions. 

Apply for national conference funding here.
Apply for international conference funding here.

Non-Traditional Funding (Global REACH)
Medical students at the University of Michigan Medical School are eligible to apply for funds to support research or educational endeavors outside of the scope of the M1 Small Group Summer Experiences and the M4 International Clinical Elective. The application for Non-Traditional funding is available in M-Compass.

Additional UM Funding Sources

There are other departments and units on campus that have funding for students interested in global health besides Global REACH. The fellowships and grants listed on this page represent a sample of the other funding sources available to students. For a complete list of the funding available from a specific department or unit please navigate to their website.

MHIRT (Center for Human Growth & Development)
The Minority and Health Disparities International Health Training Program provides two first-year medical students per year with a paid opportunity to participate in international research at one of several sites around the world. Students must be able to demonstrate that they meet one of the following criteria: minority status; member of a health disparities population; or that research conducted will be on a topic related to health disparities. The application process begins early in the Fall Semester.  

International Institute Individual Fellowship
The eligibility for the International Institute’s Individual Fellowship includes UM students, enrolled in a degree program who wishes to participate in an international internship or conduct international research. Students whose internship or research project is at least one month are eligible to apply. The deadline to submit an application is February 15th; students can potentially receive up to $5,000. 

Rackham Graduate Student Research Grant
Rackham also has funds available through the Rackham Graduate Student Research Grant designed to support students who assistance to carry out research that advances degree progress. Students who receive the grant can use the money to reduce research related expenses, travel, research assistants/transcribers, lab equipment and off-campus study of foreign languages necessary for research. Doctoral students are eligible for this grant twice during their studies, once before candidacy and once as a candidate. The deadline to apply for Rackham’s grant is a rolling deadline. For a complete list of the grants offered by Rackham, please refer to their website:

Global Impact Summer Internships (William Davidson Institute)
The William Davidson Institute (WDI) has two types of internships: Student-Initiated Global Impact Internships and WDI-Partner Global Impact Internships. The Student-Initiated internship is targeted towards students with an interest in organizations doing innovative work in emerging market economies. Applicants are responsible for contacting the organization; WDI encourages applications where the internship focuses on the Base of the Pyramid and the Business of Healthcare. Students with accepted proposals are eligible for up to $10,000. For more information about the funding available from the William Davidson Institute, please go to their website:

Focus Hope. In a unique partnership with U-M Professor Noel Tichy's Eleanor Josaitis Global Initiative at Focus: Hope, U-M Medical School's Global Reach, and local stakeholders in Mexico, students at the Medical School have an opportunity to team up with Proctor & Gamble (P&G), Grupo Salinas, and the United States Military Academy, West Point on the PUR Pilot Project Mexico. This collaborative endeavor is part of an action learning agenda through Professor Tichy's Global Corporate Citizenship Initiative forging global partnerships with corporations (GE, 3M, P&G, Boeing, Grupo Salinas) and University of Michigan students and faculty to engage in environmental and human capital projects around the world. The action learning agenda both contributes to the enhanced well-being of those we work with and produces a body of practical knowledge to help others around the world reflected in books, articles and application tools. This project aims to bring clean water to families at the base of the pyramid in Mexico as a prototype for a much bigger effort for many countries in South America.  For more information please contact Erica Hyman at Focus Hope.

External Funding Sources

In addition to scholarships, many students have identified creative ways to fund their international clinical electives, including seeking grant support from private industry, donations from civic organizations, or additional scholarship support from organizations with a vested interest in the region of travel or the elective specialty.  Don’t forget your hometown organizations.

Doris Duke Charitable Foundation

John E. Fogarty International Center's Directory of Grants and Fellowships in the Global Health Sciences: Since 1988, the Fogarty International Center, part of the National Institutes of Health, has published the Directory of International Grants and Fellowships in the Health Sciences, a comprehensive compilation of international funding opportunities in biomedical and behavioral research, separated by category.

Community of Science (COS): One of the most comprehensive sources of funding information available on the Web, with more than 22,000 records, representing over 400,000 funding opportunities, worth over $33 billion. was established as a governmental resource named the E-Grants Initiative, part of the President Bush's 2002 Fiscal Year Management Agenda to improve government services to the public. It is a central storehouse for information on over 1,000 grant programs and provides access to approximately $500 billion in annual awards.

GrantsNet: This American Association for the Advancement of Science resource lists funds for research and training in the sciences.

CDC Grant Funding Announcements (FOAs): A regularly-updated directory from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention of funding opportunities

National Science Foundation: The National Science Foundation promotes and advances scientific progress in the United States by competitively awarding grants and cooperative agreements for research and education in the sciences, mathematics, and engineering.

Global Health Opportunities:

American Medical Student Association 

Global Health Fellowships: A cross-disciplinary database of global health fellowships for physicians

Global Health Corps

USAID Global Health Fellowships

Non-NIH Funding Opportunities: Provides global health research opportunities for faculty, students postdocs, and institutions.