The Difference Between MOU and MOU-SP Schools

What are MOU and MOU-SP (Student Preferred) schools?

The University of Michigan holds Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs) with several domestic and international institutions. For purposes of student grants, Global REACH makes a distinction between these institutions based on the type of agreement, depth of collaboration, and extent of services that institutions can offer our students.  The list of all international institutions with whom we have an MOU (including student preferred schools) can be found here (PDF). 

An MOU school is one where UMMS has a signed agreement with the collaborating institution, but it may or may not be a school where UMMS has strong, well-developed ties.  MOU schools offer students the benefit of a contact person to assist in setting up their elective. Students completing their electives at MOU schools are eligible for up to $500 in travel grants. 

MOU-SP schools are those where the University of Michigan Medical School has established relationships that provide quality experiences and where there is faculty involvement that goes beyond student exchanges. Students are encouraged to choose these schools for their elective.  Students who complete their elective at an MOU-SP school are eligible for $1,500. 

Do students have to choose an MOU or MOU-SP school for their elective?

No. Students may complete an elective at another institution or through a non-profit organization they’ve identified through their own research. However, if students wish to apply for funding from Global REACH, there elective must take place at an MOU or MOU-SP institution.