Global REACH Brazil Platform manager launches teaching career in Brazil

Boa sorte, Elisa!

Elisa Teixeira, PhD, speaks with M4 Philip Asamoah during a conversational Portuguese language session this spring at Global REACH.

Translated from the Portuguese, it means “Good luck, Elisa!” Elisa Teixeira, who until recently oversaw Global REACH’s Brazil Collaboration Platform, has accepted a faculty position at the University of Brasilia teaching her specialty: translation. She began her first full semester of instruction earlier this year.

Elisa, who holds a PhD in English Linguistic Studies, joined Global REACH at the start of 2013, only a few months after then U-M President Mary Sue Coleman visited Brazil with a delegation of both medical school and main-campus faculty, formalizing institutional collaborations between UMMS and multiple Brazilian universities including the University of Sao Paulo Medical School.

A native of Brazil, Elisa served as Global REACH’s first Brazil Program Manager, helping to grow partnerships by connecting UMMS faculty with like-minded counterparts in Brazil and organizing Brazil Platform events, including academic symposia as well UM Brazil “meet and greet” events that encouraged inter-professional collaborations. In the process, programs in Brazil expanded from a series of individual partnerships to a robust platform across some 15 medical disciplines.

“Elisa has been instrumental in lacing together the efforts and interests of individual faculty already working in Brazil, and helping others to build new relationships there to build a comprehensive institutional platform,” said Global REACH Administrative Director Tania Piotrowski. “In addition, the support she has provided to our students preparing to embark on field work experiences there has been invaluable. She has really prepared them to be ambassadors of UMMS to our partners.”   

In addition to faculty, Elisa worked extensively with students, preparing them for educational exchanges in Brazil including leading Portuguese language sessions several times each.

“Working with people is what I enjoyed the most,” she said. “So many students and faculty from around the institution now have this one thing in common – Brazil. Helping build those relationships and watching them develop – that’ s the part I am most proud of.”

Obrigado pelo trabalho duro, Elisa. Nós desejamos o melhor à você! (Thank you for the hard work, Elisa. We wish you the best!)