Steven Weinberg

UMMS Class of 2016

Why UMMS? I chose to come to UMMS because I knew that I would thrive in the unique culture that we have here. The students and faculty are all extremely accomplished, but also humble and eager to work with and learn from others. I am also excited by the potential for cross-disciplinary work as other schools at U-M, such as the School of Public Health and the Business School, are so strong.

Steven Weinberg at Mother Teresa's Mission of Charities where he rounded with Dr. Rick Hodes, an American-trained physician who has worked in Ethiopia for over 20 years.

When did you first develop an interest in global health? While in undergrad at the University of Michigan I learned about childhood malnutrition and the impact that it has on the health of millions of kids around the world. In response to this, I cofounded Will Work For Food and partnered with Doctors Without Borders in an effort to deliver nutritional supplements to malnourished children.

What is the most exciting thing happening at UMMS these days? I am a bit bias given the time that I have spent in Ethiopia, but I think that the budding partnership between UMMS and St. Paul Medical School in Addis Ababa is extremely exciting. With so many different departments developing meaningful cross-institution relationships, I think that students and faculty will have a number of unique learning opportunities.

You've just completed your M1 year. What have you treasured most thus far? During my first year at UMMS I came to appreciate not just the outstanding curriculum and faculty, but also my brilliant classmates. They quickly became great friends who I know that I will have meaningful relationships with for years to come. I am continuously inspired by how passionate, smart, kind and fun they are.

Medical specialty area and why? I am thinking about pediatrics because of the time that I spent working at the Child Health Evaluation and Research Unit of Mott Children's Hospital and because of my work in Ethiopia.

Significant impacts along your personal path that led you to medicine or that molded your education/life choices? Having Dr. Matt Davis as a mentor at the Child Health Evaluation and Research Unit of Mott Children's Hospital while I considered pursuing a career in medicine was tremendously helpful. In a very exciting way, he demonstrated how physicians can play many different roles in the accessibility and delivery of health care.

Steven shown teaching a patient how to listen to heart sounds during his Summer 2013 placement at St. Paul Medical School in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.