Ethiopia Platform Associates

Global REACH Faculty Associates who identify Ethiopia as a country of clinical/educational/research interest:

Home unit: Obstetrics and Gynecology
Global health focal area/s: The intersection between reproductive infectious diseases and family planning; understanding how risk of sexually transmitted infections impact contraception use as well as how HIV/AIDS impacts contraception uptake and use of family planning services.
Country/ies of interest: Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Uganda

Yolaine Civil, MD
Home unit: Pediatrics
Global health focal area/s: For the past two years, I have been working for Doctors Without Borders in Central Africa specifically in Chad, Guinea, and Central African Republic. As a result, I have gained valuable experience in working in humanitarian emergencies in low resource countries with poor infrastructures and high patient volumes.
Country/ies of interest: Ethiopia, Haiti, Ghana, Kenya

Diana Curran-Galejs, MD
Home unit: Obstetrics and Gynecology
Global health focal area/s: Post-graduate OBGYN medical knowledge and surgical skills education/development/curriculum design/implementation. Currently assisting Dr. Senait Fisseha with her project in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.
Country/ies of interest: Ethiopia

Joshua Ehrlich, MD, MPH
Home unit: Ophthalmology & Visual Sciences
Global health focal area/s: I have an interest in international research collaborations with the objective of understanding the epidemiology of eye disease, addressing the burden of visual impairment and improving the delivery of eye care. I have also been involved in initiatives to grow ophthalmology residency education in developing countries.
Country/ies of interest: Ethiopia, India, Ecuador, Rwanda, Indonesia


Niels Cary Engleberg, MD, DTM&H
Home unit: Internal Medicine
Global health focal area/s: My interest is in facilitating the development of transportable, open-licensed learning materials for training of health care workers in under resourced environments. I have previously assisted in the development of materials and infrastructure for this purpose in Ghana and am now interacting with members of the medical faculty at a medical school in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.
Country/ies of interest: Ethiopia, Ghana

Home unit: Family Medicine
Global health focal area/s: Promotion of educational and research collaboration in family medicine and medical education between Japan and the United States. U-M faculty collaborate through visits to family medicine organizations in Japan, and through the UM Japanese Family Health Program at Dominos Farms, Japanese medical students, residents, and physicians learn about the practice of family medicine in the United States.
Country/ies of interest: Japan, China, Ethiopia



Senait Fisseha, MD, JD
Home unit: Obstetrics and Gynecology
Global health focal area/s: I work in Ethiopia, primarily in Women’s Health but also lead a campus wide initiative to strengthen undergraduate medical education and support postgraduate training programs in Ethiopia.
Country/ies of interest: Brazil, Ethiopia, Ghana

Virginia Thompson Gauger, MD
Home unit: Anesthesiology
Global health focal area/s: In a country of over 100 million people, Ethiopia has, as best as one can estimate, 23 anesthesiologists. St Paul's Millennium Medical College started an anesthesia residency program in January 2016. My efforts are to collaborate with the single anesthesiologist at that institution to train physicians in the field of anesthesiology.
Country/ies of interest: Ethiopia


Edward Goldman, MD, JD
Home unit: Obstetrics and Gynecology
Global health focal area/s: Working with the law faculty in Kumasi, Ghana to create a Masters program in reproductive justice.
Country/ies of interest: Ethiopia, Ghana

Ted Hanss, BS, MBA
Home unit: Medical School Information Technology
Global health focal area/s: My primary focus is researching and facilitating technology-enabled collaboration, using qualitative methods to identify the socio-technical factors that contribute to successful global health collaborations between differently resourced institutions.
Country/ies of interest: Ghana, China, South Africa, Ethiopia

Joseph Kolars, MD
Home unit: Internal Medicine
Global health focal area/s: Assessment of teaching quality; efficacy of medical learning venues; educational outcomes; measurement of learner competency; educating trainees to improve patient care.
Country/ies of interest: Brazil, China, Ethiopia, Ghana, India, Nepal, Peru, Tanzania, Uganda, Vietnam, Zimbabwe

Stephanie Kukora, MD
Home unit: Pediatrics
Global health focal area/s: My goal is to establish a research and education collaborative partnership in Neonatal-Perinatal medicine between the University of Michigan and St. Paul's Hospital Millennium Medical College in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.
Country/ies of interest: Ethiopia

Zach Landis-Lewis, PhD, MLIS
Home unit: Learning Health Sciences
Global health focal area/s: My research is focused on the use of medical record data in district hospitals in Malawi to generate tailored performance feedback for healthcare providers. I am studying knowledge representation methods for theory-informed message tailoring systems that can be used in low-resource settings
Country/ies of interest: Ethiopia, Malawi, Ghana


Okeoma Mmeje, MD, MPH
Home unit: Obstetrics and Gynecology
Global health focal area/s: My research focuses on the evaluation and implementation of safer methods of conception for HIV-affected individuals and couples in low-resource environments, particularly in sub-Saharan Africa, as a means of HIV prevention.
Country/ies of interest: Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya

Cheryl A. Moyer, PhD, MPH
Home unit: Learning Health Sciences
Global health focal area/s: Maternal and neonatal health in sub-Saharan Africa, with an emphasis on Ghana. Facility-based delivery, stillbirth, early neonatal mortality, maternal and neonatal ‘near-misses’ and the social and cultural factors that influence all of the above are primary areas of interest, including social autopsy methodology. In addition, my work focuses on research capacity development in Ghana and sub-Saharan Africa.
Country/ies of interest: Ghana, Uganda, sub-Saharan Africa

Kathleen Ludewig Omollo, MSI, MPP
Home unit: Learning Health Sciences
Global health focal area/s: My areas of interest are in strengthening the workforce for informatics and technology to support health, designs for Internet- and electricity-constrained environments, and tools and organizational models for enabling shared knowledge and continuous learning among distributed multi-disciplinary teams.
Country/ies of interest: Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, South Africa, Liberia

Rockefeller Oteng, MD
Home unit: Emergency Medicine
Global health focal area/s: My work primarily focuses on the creation of human capacity for health. The development of sustainable training programs and the evaluation thereof.
Country/ies of interest: Ethiopia, Ghana



Jeffrey Punch, MD
Home unit: Surgery
Global health focal area/s:  My primary focus in the coming years will be partnering with the St Paul's Millenium Medical School in Addis Abbaba, Ethiopia and the Ethiopian Health Ministry to establish a kidney transplant program in Ethiopia. I have visited twice this year and have plans for trips in June and August, as well as in September when we aim to perform the first living donor kidney transplant there. I am working with Akinlolo Ojo and Senait Fisseha. I have also been involved since the inception with the medical school parternship in Meru Kenya organized by Dan Clauw.
Country/ies of interest: Ethiopia, Kenya

Shane C. Quinonez, MD
Home unit: Pediatric Genetics, Metabolism and Genomic Medicine
Global health focal area/s: The introduction of community genetics into low- and middle-income counties. The optimization of international medical electives to reduce the impact on host country learners.
Country/ies of interest: Ethiopia


Bob Riddle
Home unit: Research IT
Global health focal area/s:I have been supporting the underlying technology for CIRHT international partnerships at medical schools across Ethiopia.
Countries on interest: Ethiopia, Vietnam, Brazil, and Israel

Erin Fedak Romanowski, DO
Home unit: Pediatrics
Global health focal area/s: My primary interests in global health include education of faculty and residents, as well as improving neurologic care in resource limited settings. I am particularly focused on improving pediatric epilepsy education, resources and treatment.
Country/ies of interest: Ethiopia, Malawi, and other African countries

Sarah D Rominski, PhD, MPH
Home unit: Obstetrics & Gynecology
Global health focal area/s: My focal areas are contraception and family planning in Ghana as well as the prevention of sexual and gender-based violence.
Country/ies of interest: Ghana, Ethiopia

Megan O. Schimpf, MD, FACOG
Home unit: Obstetrics & Gynecology
Global health focal area/s: My focus is on women's health, specifically gynecologic surgery and advancing the level of care that women in medically underserved countries receive.
Country/ies of interest: Ethiopia, Ghana, Phillippines

Lee Schroeder, MD, PhD
Home unit: Pathology
Global health focal area/s:  I use decision analytic approaches to model and improve the impact of laboratory medicine on global health care delivery. This has included landscape studies of laboratory capacity and quality, and modeling the impact of test strategy and quality on health outcomes.
Country/ies of interest: Ghana, Ethiopia


Kalpesh Unadkat, MS, MBA, CISSP
Home unit: Medical Center Information Technology
Global health focal area/s: My focus is to help enable use of Information Technology to facilitate collection, consolidation, and analysis of health information in a way that can create efficiencies in the area of research management, and avail clinicians of the ability to organize, extract and use the data for trending, reporting, and decision making.
Country/ies of interest: India, Ghana, Ethiopia

John A Williams, MD, PhD
Home unit: Molecular and Integrative Physiology
Global health focal area/s: Basic science medical education and building faculty capacity for teaching basic medical sciences in Africa
Country/ies of interest: Botswana, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, and Tanzania